The Riddles – Fun Pages

These Triangle-counting Fun-Pages are made for you!

And now available as a book in CreateSpace by the name

Triangle counting riddles – The Fun Pages

You can download or copy from this place PDF-s of printable mtpng3small

worksheets of certain shapes & find by yourself how many

triangles are there?

If you would like to know the methods of

solving them, you should buy the full e-book:

How to solve triangle-counting riddles?

Available PDF-s:

Basic Riddles

Riddle A – The Scottish Square

and Riddle B – the House   The house - black and purple - small

Union Jack Square

Riddles C – The Union Jack Square and D the 3-floors triangle  The simple triangle 3 floors

Kite - basic shape


Riddle E – The Kite



Riddle F – Tringy 

Riddle G – Recty


Riddle H – The Trapeze

Green pentagram

Riddle I – A perfect Pentagon


ריבוע סגול של 16 משולשיםRiddle J – A square of 16 little triangles


Advanced Riddles

These riddles are surveyed in the book:

How to solve triangle-counting riddles:

 Union Jack Square  Riddles 1-2 The union Jack square and Symmetries


Doubled Recty    Riddle 3 – The Doubled Recty


Triangul-KatanRiddle 4 – Triangul


  Riddle 5 – A square of 32 little trianglesSquare of 32 triangles  


Riddle 6 – The perfect Hexagon NewBW Triang


An Unexpected Riddle – The Diamond


Riddle 7 – Rectangul


Double pentagram    Riddle 8 – A perfect Pentagon inside a perfect Pentagon


DIagonals-Hexagon    Riddle 9 – The perfect Hexagon with diagonals 


Green Heptagon with diagonals     Riddle 10 – The perfect Heptagon with diagonals


The simple triangle 4 floors

Riddle 11 – The 4-floors perfect triangle


The simple triangle 5 floorsRiddle 12 – The 5-floors perfect triangle


ריבוע מחולק ל-36 משולשים

Riddle 13 – The Square of 36 triangles


The slim cyan triangle

Riddle 14 – The Slim Cyan Triangle


The fat cyan triangle


Riddle 15 – The Fat Cyan Triangle

and  there will be more…

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