The Kite

The Kite is in the form of a rhombus.

Kite - basic shape

It can be much longer but I use this one:

How many triangles can you find in it?

I will explain here how to do it so if you want to try it yourself

you can jump to Riddle E – The Kite. It’s a pdf file. You can

download it, print it and work on it…

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Kite - basic shapes

If you stayed here let’s sort & count the triangles:

There are only 4 triangles in the basic shapes.

The other shapes are not triangles, of course.

Let’s look at the triangles made of 2 basic shapes:

I’ve drawn here all the 4 triangles of this sort:

Kite - 2-basicsKite - 2-basicsB





Kite - 3-basicsAnd now the triangles made of 3 basic shapes:

I’ve drawn here the 2 triangles of this sort:



What about triangles made of 4 basic shapes?

Here are the triangles of this sort:

Kite - 4-basics Kite - 4-basicsB


Kite - 5-basics

And there are 2 triangles made of 5 basic shapes.

I’ve drawn both of them here:



Kite - 6-basicsThere is one triangle made of 6 basic shapes.

This is this triangle:


Kite - 8-basics

There is one triangle made of 8 basic shapes.

This is that triangle:


And now we can sum all the numbers:

We get:  4+4+2+3+2+1+1=17 triangles in this kite.

And now what? Try another triangles-counting riddle in the fun-pages...

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