Triangle-counting riddles

How many triangles are here?

Do you know how to count triangles inside a given shape?
DiamondLet’s look at this shape.

You can find the 37 basic triangles which compose

this figure, but how many triangles are here exactly?

And how many triangles can be seen in these shapes? FiveMainShapesOr in all the shapes in the book Triangle counting riddles – The Fun Pages

It’s clear that there are much more triangles in each shape than those separated by the lines because you can find big triangles which contain several smaller ones. That means we have to count them all accurately.

But how can we? …and how can we avoid misses and/or double-counting?

Answers to all these questions can be found in this site and in the book

How to solve triangles counting riddles?

The process of counting all the triangles is challenging but it is a lot of fun.

Who can solve triangles riddles?

Practically, anyone can do it from kids to veterans.

As said it’s a lot of fun & it sharpens the brain for pupils, students and even doctors.

Yes. Triangles counting riddles can develop yours, also.

I suggest you will start in the pages of the basic riddles… before you pass

to the advanced brain teasers.

Our Triangelog (triangle-counting expert) will help when asked!


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